Pharmaceutical business is a business that touches people’s life, wellbeing and overall health. That is why when it comes to our business we take uncompromised and bold position in following code of business ethics.

We have developed the Code of Ethics that is an integral part of our corporate culture. The code sets certain standards of behavior for all in the company regardless of someone’s position or affiliation. Those are:

  • Impermissibility and prohibition of any illegal trades, money laundering and corruption
  • Adherence to the principles of fair competition
  • Uphold the rule of laws
  • Transparency and accuracy in financial transactions
  • Adhering to the good manufacturing and distribution practices
  • Safeguarding confidentiality of information
  • Confronting any discrimination or harassment
  • Caring for people’s health and creating safe working place
  • Respect for human rigths
The code of business
Anti-corruption policy